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When I find myself biting my nails thinking about what to do next, I grab my camera and take some random pics. Of anything. But lately I must say I’m back in love with my cookbooks. Not that this kind of love ever diminishes that much, but some books are better cared for than others.

My desk area *is* my kitchen table. You don’t say! The thing which was solely my desk, is now being shared. On our workspace cum tv area is now occupied by a computer, so all my notebooks, books, papers etc. are now in the kitchen area. I’m not complaining – I know people who manage an even smaller office space so I count myself as one of the lucky ones. When we have friends over I move the stuff around to clear the eating space, but books are heavy and that causes havoc to my carpal tunnel. Literally.

This photo is nothing special really. As I said, it’s just the result of a few minutes of doing nothing. There they were and there I was. They aren’t the latest publications around, but I love how colourful they are! That badge should be given to A Girl Called Jack (review coming your way next week.)

Happy Sunday!


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