Image: Bicerin at Carluccio’s

Bicerin at Carluccios (9537)

I have to say, this moving thing is really throwing me off. Was about to put an exclamation mark there but I kinda stopped. Reason: there are too many of those scattered around this blog. Way too much for my liking. It would help explain my surprise though so I think you would have forgiven me if I inserted one anyway. Yes, all this tiredness from organising this move is taking its toll, and I’m not even contributing to half of the work! (And there it is. I couldn’t resist.) J is the boss when it comes to huge moves so I left the big decisions up to him. I’m trying to do the small stuff, like making sure everything’s tidy, all of our clothes are properly washed, packed and sealed, ready to be shipped and other little miscellaneous things.

Unfortunately there is no recipe today. Well, I have some waiting in the wings, but today is just not my day, and I just can’t go through writing quantities and ingredient lists. That is not a chore, believe me, but the heat is sucking up every ounce of any leftover energy I have. The following sentence will convince you: J is doing the cooking our dinner for tonight.

In around two weeks’ time I will be heading to our new home, and thus the countdown has begun. Yesterday we went up to London for the day, for the last time. *Sad face.* I love London. It’s one of my favourite places to be. It was bittersweet to say the least, but J and bro-in-law J2 got me through it and we always enjoy each other’s company so it was a happy day nonetheless. So what I want to do in the coming few posts is to share with you some photos of the capital, during our recent few visits. Primarily for myself. I know this could sound somewhat selfish but being here has been a joy and to me sharing one’s joys is a big part of life. I hope you won’t mind.

The photo I have here is no masterpiece, let’s be honest. But I took it at Carluccio’s in South Kensington, during my birthday weekend last May. We spent a lovely three days doing all the touristy stuff, one of which was the Science Museum. Yes, I like that sort of thing. We weren’t hungry so all we wanted was a coffee, before facing the crowds. We forgot all about our coffee when we saw they had Bicerin on the menu. I’ve heard about il bicerin before, and I was expecting something huge, like a child tasting chocolate for the first time. (As in the SG Atlantis episode Childhood’s End.) J and I both ordered that and what we got was a creamer with what I think was thick double cream, a shot of espresso in a small cup, and half a large cup of hot chocolate, which was also very thick. We had to be baristas for the next few seconds and assemble the drink ourselves. No problem there, though I did have some issues.

Now for me, the appearance of this concoction had nothing to do with the real deal you can get in Italy, so it was disappointing. It was good, but that’s where it stops. It was cold – because they didn’t even heat the milk/cream up or frothed it up a bit – but it was drinkable. More like a thick mocha, than a Bicerin, but I was in a good mood, the Sun was out, it was my birthday and I was with my best friend. So I let it slide. The camera was out so I took the picture anyway. And I wouldn’t let any of that ruin the day. I mean, who would want that?

The place is very pretty and airy, with minimal clutter. The light in the shop was bright and sharp, though soft at the same time. All that was missing was some good coffee, and it would have been perfect. Perhaps, another time when I’m in London…?



4 thoughts on “Image: Bicerin at Carluccio’s”

  1. now, I never mix my bicerin into one cup, I eat a spoonful of chocolate, one of cream then a sip of coffee. Like that it is divine.

    1. It would have been much better to do that at Carluccio’s. Though I wouldn’t have liked to have that thick cold cream on its own. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated!

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