Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton

Prettiness (9813)

Spring is here. (What, no exclamation mark, you say? I thought I might spare you one this time.) I hope you all had a lovely long Easter weekend. I am having quite a busy few weeks and it’s only going to get worse, but it’s all been good. Yesterday was the best day. We had lunch with my family (I made stew, which is sort of a tradition in my house, and took it over to my parents’ place.) Then we drove to Ħad-Dingli for a walk along the cliffs, and on our way back home stopped over to the wonderful Diar il-Bniet for a great coffee and something sweet. I took some snapshots with my mobile – no camera this time unfortunately – and will be tweeting some of them on Twitter later on.

Entrance to the Kitchen (9811)

In the meantime I found some photos I took from my last full day in the UK. I wanted to visit Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton for quite a while but as usual we never managed to find the time. Typical excuse I know. Then, on my very last day, after sadly packing the last of my belongings, J asked me if I felt like going. Of course I did.

Little Suns (9831)

It was raining heavily, but it was my last chance so I took it. We walked around Chawton before; it’s such a pretty place, rain or shine. And anyways, the rain stopped as soon as we arrived. How lucky is that?

The Writing Table (9817)

The house is small but as soon as you step in I felt taken back in time and there’s so much to see, and the garden is absolutely charming. The place is a must see if you, like me, a massive fan of Jane Austen and her books. These are a few photos from that day. I hope you like them – they are some of my favourites.

Fig Tree (9829)

It won’t be my last visit to Chawton. I’m sure of that.

At Cassandras Cup (9843)

Latte at Cassandras (9844)

I just love this place.



3 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton”

  1. Now I really must go! And I live in America!! Also, I provided plenty of exclamation points for you today:) Adore Jane Austen. Restraining self from any more !!!! marks. Sigh. Didn’t work. Lovely photos, enjoyed your post.

    1. Thanks so much for your message. (And also for the exclamation marks!! :-p) Chawton is a truly amazing place. I love its quiet simplicity. I felt like re-living one of her novels as soon as I went in the house. Tell me if ever you get the chance to visit. It’s a must-see. Have a great day x

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