Writing 101: Lists

Herbs and Spice Drawer (0041)

This weekend I promised myself I would try to catch up with a couple of Writing 101 tasks that were given throughout the past few days. It’s been tough for me to find some time to sit down and just write away, and since this is a food blog, recipes were given first priority. But today is a good day to focus on my work. It’s a breezy sunny morning and the only thing missing is a beautiful view. I wish I had the time to drive to somewhere like Dingli, sit on a bench by the cliffs and soak up some of that fresh sea air. I can’t do that right now so I’m in my second favourite place – the study area. So here we go.

The task at hand is to come up with a list of 10 things I like. At first it seemed simple enough, but that’s definitely not the case. There’s a sneaky 11th item in there somewhere. My list could go on and on, so the scope of this exercise for me is to learn how to condense ideas. If you are a regular reader of C&T you might already know that my posts are of the long-ish kind. So before completely defeating the purpose of the task I’d better be on my way! These are listed in no particular order of preference.

Rainy mornings on what I call ‘my home days’. Meaning days when I don’t have anywhere to go. I love the sound.

Walking. I don’t really mind where, as long as I can see people around once in a while. Give me a beautiful park with plenty of trees and good paths, a nice lunch, and I’m good to go.

A good tennis match. Back when I lived in Guildford (Surrey, UK) my TV was on all day during the two weeks of Wimbledon. I played too but had to stop because of an injury in my wrist and elbow. Too bad. But I plan to start playing again as soon as I possible can.

London and the surrounding counties, UK. It’s a place where I studied and spent a good chunk of these past years. I will always be grateful and feel blessed for my lovely neighbour Fiona, my friends Abigail and Andy, and I can never forget the welcoming Italian community in Woking! Such a great bunch of people.

Good face-to-face conversations. I’ve had two this week with two of my favourite people, which I truly enjoyed. It’s so nice to catch up with old friends. In a world where people are texting, chatting on their mobile phones and driving at the same time (totally insane), having a chat without all the tech is refreshing. (And this comes from someone, moi, in love with tech gadgets.)

Roots. As in setting up some roots. Living in one place and having enough time to settle down. I know that for some people this is not as important as selling possessions and travelling the world. I could have done that when I was younger but at this stage in my life I don’t want to do that anymore. I have been trying to build stability in my life for the past year, after returning from living abroad. Anyone who has been there knows how hard that is. Reconnecting with friends after many years is not easy. Some won’t accept you because you’ve changed. Many did *because* I’ve changed. It’s complicated.

Grandfather clocks. Yep, call me old-fashioned but I’m just fascinated by them. I love their majestic presence, and the sounds they make. I don’t have one but I wish I had the space for it.

Dogs. I am a dog person through and through. My favourite dog right now is my cousin’s pooch called Cookie. She just turned 1, and is the most adorable fluffy thing. She likes to eat and eat (and err…eat), wag her tail and doing a funny little dance, lick faces, especially noses and sniff ears. And I am her crazy auntie! I also still miss our tiny Yorkie called Squidgy. She passed away at 16, and had a long happy life. Her best friend was my mum. I was the disciplinarian in the family so she didn’t like me that much! I, though, loved her to bits. My current favourite TV dog is Bear (#PersonofInterest).

French baguettes, cheese, butter and jam. Pizza and pasta. Enough said. Even though I’m cheating, I have to add my spice drawer to this one. I must find a better method to organise everything but right now it’s handy and I still can find what I need in the blink of an eye.

Books. Finding some reading time these past few weeks has been difficult, but to me there’s nothing better than a good book. It could be anything, though my first pick would almost always be a biography. Although any good mystery will do fine too. Right now I’m slowly reading Jane Austen: A Life by Claire Tomalin. I am about to start the chapter about Jane’s stint in Chawton, a place where I’ve been on my very last day in the UK. Memories. (Now that last sentence drove me to tears! Wow, that never happened!)

I wish you a restful and peaceful weekend.


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