My Christmas Recipe List

turkey-roast-6464Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been having a good few weeks. I have been out of sorts lately. December is not my month – I’m not too big on Christmas. I do the usual stuff and J and I have our family over for lunch which proceeds into afternoon tea and evening drinks. We don’t mind at all, but I cannot deny that by the end of the day I’ll be totally zonked out. It is a quiet day, and I make sure to plan ahead. This year I’m still going through lists and things, and year after year I feel like I’m falling behind. However it all turns out all right in the end so I’m not going to worry. I decided it’s just not worth it.

I like lists and write everything down because it empties my mind for other things. I was told some time ago that keeping a pen and a notebook beside the bed to jot down any ideas that might come into my head before sleeping is the thing to do. I still have to try that!

This afternoon I was about to give you an update on the goings on here at C&T HQ, but while sorting out some admin stuff I noticed that readers are by now, of course, searching for Christmas recipes and ideas. So I have complied a quick list for you to save you some time. I know how busy you must be in the run up to the holidays. There will be another coffee date post hopefully very soon. Links are all provided.

Soups and Starters:













5 thoughts on “My Christmas Recipe List”

    1. Thanks Sadie. This Christmas was all over the place. Just couldn’t get properly organized. But everything was fine and we enjoyed being with family. Everything worked out well in the end.

  1. I’m loving this list. I’m salivating. I think we are going for very traditional options this year and to go easy on the drinks. We’ve got an early flight to catch on Boxing Day. Can’t wait.

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