Snowy View in Woking

Snow in Woking.

I really can’t remember exactly when I took this photo, but J’s recent photography exhibition stirred a nostalgia in me. He made me want to look through all my old photos, all taken with my old Fuji. Some are good, others are just OK, and older ones are just rubbish. Ah, the good ol’ days, when I took snaps without a care in the world. I take better pictures now, or so I hope, but there’s nothing wrong in them, it’s a step I had to take. To a certain extent, that simple camera ignited my interest in photography. When J used what is now ‘my’ trusty EOS 30D, I carried my little Fuji everywhere with me. The beauty of it was that before we had smartphones with what are now considered to be pretty good cameras, all we had were little-but-still-on-the-bulky-side point and shoot devices. They were adequate but it was nothing compared to SLRs. I’m guessing that this shot was just a souvenir snap with that Fuji.

Before we moved to Guildford, which I will always consider to be my other home, J and I were based in Woking. We chose it at first because it has excellent trains into Waterloo which made my commute into London so much easier. The journey to Kensington took me around 1 hour 30 minutes. Once – just once – I made it in 45. The first solo journey took me 3 hours, due to various delays.

Many people don’t like the snow, but I’m not one of them. I miss the stillness that comes with it. When it snows heavily in the UK you can say that everything stops, something which J and I never understood completely. In Michigan and anywhere else where it snows in the US, people are used to a snowy winter and generally life continues as usual for everybody. Some daft weather person (it could have been some politician actually) stated on the news that snow in the UK is different than that in the US. What??! Yes, feel free to give yourself a facepalm…

So I’m sharing this memory from a few years ago. It’s only one of a handful of photos taken in or with the snow. Seems appropriate to share during this month, even though it never gets this cold in Malta. It just gives me joy whenever I look at it though and that’s enough for me.

Hope everyone’s having a good November.


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