Image and link to the recipe: Beef Burger

Burger with Grilled Peppers (9936)I don’t know about you but we haven’t used the BBQ in this house yet. I bet you guys are cooking up a storm and grilling to your heart’s content, but I’m doing nothing of the sort. I’m cooking yes, but only because we have to eat, but during these hot days there’s no enjoyment to be found in the kitchen.

However, I found these couple of photos lost in my current unorganized file, also known as the infamous Misc folder. I hear that dreaded word and I immediately feel my head throbbing. I read once that you should never never E.V.E.R have one of those. Anywhere. Nowhere in your computer, or your paper file system if you still have one of those. I do remember the article, but alas, I do have one. It causes havoc. I mean, I can’t understand why it’s still there, but it is. I give up. In fact, I gave up ages ago.

Burger with Grilled Peppers (9935)A few years ago I was really diligent in taking loads of photos right before we sit down at the table for our evening meal. I took a picture of everything, which used to drive me and J completely nuts. This blog took top priority in my life to the point where I just wasn’t always enjoying my food. Nowadays I take a more relaxed approach which keeps me sane and I have learnt that no, when there are people around, taking pictures is not always appreciated. So now I just take a few discreet ones without annoying anyone. And I like to keep it that way.

I took these couple of shots a long long time ago, and now I have a serious hankering for a good burger. I’m even looking into some veggie ones which I think I’ll really like. A good thing.

You will find the recipe for my favourite spicy burgers right here on C&T. Don’t be afraid to experiment and vary anything according to what you like best.

Tips: Many times I use a mixture of beef and pork mince, because pork keeps the burgers moist. Also use just enough flour to bind. Just enough and not more. Sometimes I omit this completely, except for flouring my clean hands just before forming the mixture into patties.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer holidays.







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