Image: Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook (0589)I hope everyone’s having a good Monday. I have a funny relationship with Mondays – I love to hate them. I know that without them there would be no weekends. I’m trying to think of something to like about them but nothing comes to mind really. All that I can say is that I do like certain Mondays, like today. I crossed out most of the stuff from my to-do list this afternoon and I saw my mum this morning too. So a good day on the whole.

I wasn’t planning to post anything today, even though I do have a recipe which is half finished in writing somewhere around my desktop. I’m sure I won’t be ready by much later this evening – it’s been such a busy start to the week that I have to find the time to catch up with some things at home. Having said that, I will be posting recipes during the summer, but they will be sporadic. I need to take some time to refocus and regroup and there’s no time like the present. I’ll be here and will still post recipes – I’ve got such a backlog as big as my neverending to-do lists. And how can we always be online these days? I love my phone, but it gets too much. Seriously, do I even know how to switch off?!

However I want to leave you with this photo I took earlier this year, while I was cooking some recipes from Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook for a review. In between taking loads of pictures of food prep and all that jazz, I thought that the font used in the book would make a pretty photo. Also I love books in general and you might call me mad, but I think they make such interesting subjects. I really like this one and I hope you do too. Stay well and see you guys very soon.






3 thoughts on “Image: Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook”

  1. Hello dear Roberta! I’ve nominated you for The Happiness Tag! Your blog is an absolute delight! Information is on my blog if you’d like to participate — no rush, though! Enjoy your summer, sweet friend! xo

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