Coffee Date #6 ep. 2

So we finally sit on the most comfortable sofa we can find, I fetch our coffees and you immediately ask me about my trip to the Lake District (because you’re nice like that). Cappuccino for you, an espresso for me. I need it on drip today because I’m almost asleep. Sorry about that.

In an nutshell it was a great trip. I feel second time lucky with this one as the weather was just gorgeous. As a BBC correspondent put it, it was simply unbelievable. The rain poured down on Saturday morning while we were on our long drive down to Guildford, but by the time we reached my beloved town, the glorious sun was out again. By the time we met Fiona, Abigail, Nick and Tina, the sun was full on. Excellent!

Guildford was unimaginably busy though. Our friends informed us that there were quite a number of activities at the University of Surrey spread throughout the day. It was the University’s 50th Anniversary and the town felt it too. No surprise therefore that parking was a headache. Poor J spent a good hour and a half trying to find somewhere to park.

I’m sure that the highlight of that day was a conversation between Prof. Jim Al-Khalili and actor Brian Blessed. I couldn’t believe it – it was the second time we missed Mr. Blessed while in Guildford. How on earth was this possible? A couple of years ago we booked tickets to watch him perform King Lear with the Guildford Shakespeare Company. Poor guy, he was diagnosed with a heart problem after he collapsed on stage the day before. We were so sorry not to have seen him, but Terrance Wilton who replaced him most probably at the last minute, did a brilliant job. Wilton entered the stage with his reading glasses on and a couple of pages of lines, but by no means was that a distraction. After the first few minutes we almost forgot that he was standing in for Blessed. We all stood up cheering at the end. The standing ovation was so heartfelt. Oh my how I digressed, however important things like that have to be documented.

Before this post takes a serious turn for the ‘please-end-it–this-is-starting-to-verge-on-the-too-long’ kind of thing, I’d better stop here. For those asking me for a recent set of photos I honestly didn’t start processing them yet. What I do have is some uploads on my Instagram which I am linking here if you’re interested. J has a few on here too.

I was thinking about writing a post about the many possible suggestions on where to go in the Lake District, especially for first-timers. J and I have made the trip quite a number of times, although I have to say that he has a clearer picture of the park than myself. Yours truly, an almost-40 creature of habit, prefers to stay in more familiar territory. J, a tiny bit past his 40s, is now strangely veering on the other side of the spectrum, favouring exploration and some adventure on the hills. So if I can manage it, I’ll try to convince him to collaborate with me in writing something with loads of tips for you.

Many hugs to all. Stay safe and take care.

P.S. Here’s an update that could upset some people: I am giving decaf coffee a try. No NO, I’m not giving up the real stuff for good, so take a deep breath and relax. I’m just switching one of my daily intakes from caff to decaf. That’s all. Also there are a variety of herbal teas in my stash that I’m also liking. I know, it almost sounds impossible, but there you go.






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