Happy Spring!

Begonia (0471)

I don’t know if the sun’s out in your neck of the woods, but if it’s not here’s a photo of my Begonia, which hopefully will cheer you up a bit. We had some seriously sunny weather in Surrey lately. I was out and about quite a bit last week…myself and everyone else in the area I reckon! Including a neighbour’s cat, lapping up the rays of the sun like there’s no tomorrow. Who can blame her really?

J got me this lovely plant last August as a little welcome home gift. It’s been in that same place since he got it home and it’s doing really well, considering we don’t have green fingers. A few weeks ago we thought it was going through a bad patch. It went all dry and the leaves were just falling out. J trimmed it and now it’s growing again. A good friend of mine who came to visit me this past week told me that Begonias love the British sun. When it’s actually out that is.

This photo was taken last year, when my Greek basil plant was still alive. Happy Spring.


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