Pan-fried Broccoli Stalks

Pan-fried Broccoli Stalks (8970)

Since we were on the subject of sides, a.k.a. accompaniments but I hate that word! I wanted to write a little post about something J and I picked up while watching an episode of Food & Drink. If I remember well, that episode was called Every Last Crumb. I have missed some episodes here and there, which is a pity, but I really wanted to catch up on this one. Apart from inviting Mary Berry as a guest, the baking queen herself, the topic was of course, food waste.

I am not immune to overbuying food, but I am learning and trying to get better at planning by using every fresh ingredient up before I go the shops. What I don’t understand is how households in this country seem to throw away an average of six meals per week, while half a million people are now making use of food banks. It’s crazy.

When Michel Roux Jr. blanched and pan-fried some broccoli stems in a little butter we thought why not? All you need is some broccoli stems which need to be washed, trimmed and sliced horizontally.

Pan-fried Broccoli Stalk (8949)

Have a pot of boiling water to hand, pop them in for a few minutes. Few as in no more than five. Drain the stems and pan-fry them in either olive oil or butter on every side. Season with salt and pepper. I had some mushrooms which needed to be used up so I also added them to the pan.


Tip: If you have some stems that don’t need to be cooked right away, you could freeze them after blanching. Remember to thaw them overnight in the fridge before cooking.


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