Kebab Kitchen

Let’s face it – I love Guildford and I’m much happier here, but living in London would make my life a bit easier. I tend to feel out of the loop so lately I’ve been on Twitter more than usual. Reason: it’s a hive mind. It’s like the less creepy version of the Borg. If you look carefully you can get to know almost anything. (And if you’re not careful you get assimilated, but that’s another story.)

So thanks to the mighty Twitter I got to know that the lovely James Ramsden (see my review on his book here) and Oliver Thring (lovely too just in case he reads this and wonders) have joined forces and opened Kebab Kitchen. (Click here for more.) I can’t wait to visit and taste what I’m sure will be delicious food. Perhaps I can talk them into coming to Guildford sometime in the summer, or before they set up shop somewhere permanent. Now how about that?

Rob x


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