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Aubergine Chermoula

Aubergine Chermoula (9562)

Thank goodness and everything or anyone you and I might believe in, Christmas came and went without a hitch. I promised myself I wouldn’t worry too much about it but in reality J and I spent the best part of the week before feeling sick about the whole thing. At one point I even thought I had some sort of stomach ulcer. Part of it was my fault I’m sure – but looking back I cannot see what was all the fuss about the cooking, since I spent two days prepping everything beforehand. But you see, it was not all about the cooking. Anyhoooo, everything turned out just fine.

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Book Review: Persiana

Persiana (9554)

Sabrina Ghayour‘s cookbook was one of this year’s highlights for me. I just couldn’t wait for it to arrive. It’s Sabrina’s first publication and I’m positive it won’t be her last. The book looks great, and I love the textured cover. And just look at that beautiful face! Of course, we want more! My only disappointment here is with myself, because I was pressed for time for the past week or two and couldn’t dedicate myself fully to cook from this beautiful book. I did manage three recipes though, all of which were fast, easy and I’m happy to say, were all followed with a mimimal cleaning up.

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Earlier today I found a tweet by the lovely Joanna a.k.a. @Zeb_Bakes asking all enthusiastic cooks to post some pictures of their baking hands. What an idea! These are some of mine, taken by my husband J of course.

Rhubarb Triangles (7506)

Kwarezimal (6566)






Great memories…enjoy!

Rob x

Interesting read…

A few moments ago I came across this post from the lovely Katie from Mix It Up & Make It Nice. It’s about a food blogger who criticised a chef’s food and got a beating on Twitter. I found it interesting. I’m sure you will too.

Rob x