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Raw Prune Truffles

Raw Date and Prune Truffles (0588)So this week I’ve been having a conversation in my head with this year. Yes, this year. It’s going something like this:

Me: Excuse me? 2016?

2016: Yes?

Me: Err…I think there’s some kind of mistake.

2016: Oh?

Me: Yes I think so. My calendar says it’s the end of May.

2016: So?

Me: I think that’s wrong.

2016: Really?

Me: Yes.

2016: Please wake up!

To be continued….

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Moroccan Inspired Rice

Moroccan Inspired Rice (9894)

I don’t usually post more than one recipe in a week but today I have some time to myself and I feel there’s no time like the present. I still have loads of sorting out and unpacking stuff to do (and I did some of that this morning) but I definitely prefer sitting down and writing something useful here. Well, I’m letting you be the judge of whether I do come up with useful things or not. I love being here though so why not?

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I really like kale. Pity that I only discovered it a few months back. I’m really not a vegetarian at heart but veggies are good for you, or so they say, so I make an effort. Especially when it comes to salad options. Too much of a good thing is…well…not good. You know what I mean. I grew tired of the same old salad leaves that I bought a bunch of kale on a whim without knowing what to do with it. When I opened the fridge I had the answer. I chopped up some garlic, one shallot, a few grams of cured chorizo, a red pepper, a yellow one and tossed them in a pan with some olive oil. I washed the kale, added it to the pan, heated it up with the rest of the ingredients, placed everything in a large salad bowl, seasoned it with pepper and added some toasted almond flakes. It makes one good side dish, and it’s so quick that you can make it while you chat to your friends in the kitchen.



Rob x

Christmas Meals (2): Festive Couscous


I love couscous, mostly because it’s very versatile and you can prepare it at a moment’s notice. This festive version is a breeze. Serves 6.

  • 125g couscous
  • 150ml hot chicken stock* (you can use stock from the ham recipe above)
  • a handful or two of dried cranberries (or raisins)
  • a handful or two of toasted flaked almonds

Place the couscous, hot chicken stock and dried cranberries (or raisins) into a bowl and cover with cling film. (Please note that you can use vegetable stock for this, and for the ham in the previous recipe.)*

In the meantime put some flaked almonds in a shallow pan on the hob and toast them. Don’t add any oil here. The almonds will release theirs and become nice and golden. Keep an eye on them as they can easily burn.

When the couscous has absorbed all the stock, fluff it up with a fork, add the toasted almonds, fluff it up some more and taste it for seasoning. Serve it with turkey, chicken, ham or alone if you like. So easy.

Happy Christmas!

Rob x