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Autumn Colours

The Red Tree (8270)Last night’s/today’s big storm has passed over our area. It’s still raining heavily but the wind has calmed down. We knew it was coming, so this weekend we went to Winkworth Arboretum to take some pictures of the trees. We fell in love with the fall when we lived in Michigan, and here we managed to get a little taste of the season. This beautiful place is very near to where we live, so I will never understand why we’ve only been there twice. It opened late today, due to some storm damage, though the trees are generally ok and everything still looks lovely. It’s one of the places to be during the autumn.

Autumn Leaves (8278)

The Red Tree (8263)

Near The Pond (8322)

Fall Colours (8336)

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Happy Autumn!

Rob x