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Guildford Market and a little haul…

Herbs (7950)I just wanted to share with you some photos I took this week during a little adventure at Guildford Market. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t visited often, but I must do so from now on. Guildford High Street is charming anyway, and something of a shopper’s dream, but on the first Tuesday of every month (except in January) you can buy those little treats that make it even more special. As my lovely neighbour suggested, I could have nibbled my way up through the stalls. I wish I could. I would have been set up for the day, but I didn’t. I will next time though! Bread, cheese, jams, cookies, pastries and a chorizo and chicken paella…what do you think?

Abundance (7961)

Noon (7955)

Sunflowers (7960)

And since I love all things lavender, I got these. I *must* go back…

English Lavender (7966)

Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes (6992)

These are the cakes I made for my birthday. I’m enjoying every minute! The plain one with the icing sugar is the Yogurt Pot Cake from Nigellissima (for which I used my spanking new savarin mould), and the chocolate one with the frosting is Lorraine Pascale’s I Just Don’t Give a Damn Cake (I love that name – sorry but I really do!) from Baking Made Easy. Both are lovely. I wish you were all here with me. I have plenty of cake to go around! Alla prossima!

Rob x

Bread pictures.

Half and Half Burger Baps (6559)

Spring seems to be a long way away at the moment. It’s really really cold and so I bake. I spent last Saturday in the kitchen; I am the happiest when I’m in full baking/cooking mode. When I am there alone I am much calmer. I may be covered in flour, with a wet brow, and perhaps a bit hot and bothered, but I enjoy it. I can compare it with climbing. It helps you to focus on the task ahead, and your mind doesn’t have the time to wander around something else. There’s no distraction.

Half and Half Burger Baps (6561)


I don’t have a recipe for you here, although I will try to have something for you in the coming few weeks, but till then I still wanted to share with you some pictures we took while making some baps the other day. I hope you like them.

I’m taking some days off, but I will be back soon. In the meantime take care of yourselves.

Rob x

Interesting stuff…

I won’t post a recipe today but I thought that my readers might like to take a look at this: They Draw & Cook. I’ve been meaning to mention it in one of my posts for a long time and today’s the perfect day. There are so many words to describe TDAC – fun, colourful and creative are only a few. What’s fun about this is that it combines art with cooking, two of my favourite things and finding recipes in this format rather than simply flicking though a book is different and interesting. Not that I don’t love recipe books – I really really do, but sometimes change is good. It’s ideal for when it’s rainy and gloomy outside; it’s a great pick-me-up! You can also try some of their recipes and upload your photo, and throw in a review – why not? Featured right now is an illustration by Marjorie Mayes. So beautiful.

Ok. So at this point I signed off and was going to leave it at that. But I just had to come back and say it. Check this out: Richard III + the Guildford Shakespeare Company. Pure talent, plenty of passion and wonderful people. There are only a few days left till the final show, so go and support them if you can. I don’t know how to write about theatre so I’ll leave it at that but they are truly an inspirational bunch. A perfect recipe. If they are reading this I do have one question though: how on earth did you get that blood flowing effect on the steps in front of the throne during the dream sequence? They were perfectly clean after that! It was quite something!

Rob x