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Coffee Date #5 and Six-year Blog-versary

cappuccino-5820This morning I realised that this blog has been active for six years, almost to the date. I was going to let this pass without any acknowledgement, but J insisted. So here I am, and we meet again. However do I really need an excuse for another coffee date? Was the latest one in June? Shish!

So after we stand and wait for our cappuccinos, first and foremost I want to properly wish you a Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 has started off well for you. The ‘with a bang’ thing is not that important. What 2016 has taught me is how much I shouldn’t take anything for granted and to live one day at a time. I’m not going to lecture you – there’s no need to. I just want to thank you for being there. What are your plans for this year? I don’t get the concept of resolutions but writing down some thoughts works for me.

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The Happiness Tag


There’s this lovely tag doing the blogging rounds, and it was sent my way yesterday via my Michigan foodie friend Sadie, from Sadie’s Nest. Our mutual friend Anna, from Life Bellissima has also given me the sweetest mention and so here I am writing up mine. I thank both of you lovely ladies from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and generosity of spirit, and for taking the time to blog your recipes and posting updates on your families and lives.

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Image: Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook (0589)I hope everyone’s having a good Monday. I have a funny relationship with Mondays – I love to hate them. I know that without them there would be no weekends. I’m trying to think of something to like about them but nothing comes to mind really. All that I can say is that I do like certain Mondays, like today. I crossed out most of the stuff from my to-do list this afternoon and I saw my mum this morning too. So a good day on the whole.

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Oils (9886)The above photo is another throwback. You might have noticed by now that I tend to take loads of shots, which I process/edit but then remain stacked in my folders simply because I forget about them completely.

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Writing 101: Photos gone horribly wrong

Two Pizzas Before (7342)

Today’s post is a riff between Day 15 and 16’s assignments. Well, not exactly, but after a rough weekend I decided it was time to write. I thought a lot about food photography lately. Having been sick for the past few days, the only thing I felt like doing is watching cooking and food photography videos. Yes, I’m constantly thinking about food, even when I feel off. Wierd, I know. So what I want to do eventually, is to jot some points down and turn them into an article, kind of like the one I wrote on cookbooks. It’s all up in the air at this stage, but I really want to write it.

In this post I want to grant one request which was recently sent to me by a fellow blogger, whom I got to know through Blogging Uni. A few weeks ago, Sav from Sav & The City wrote some lovely words on one of my photos and asked me if I would mind going through some shots that I was never, ever, going to publish.

Dear Sav, I might mind a little tiny bit, but you asked so kindly, I just couldn’t refuse. I never thought I would see this day. (The photo above is kind of OK, I mean I’ve seen worse, but if you were asking me what that dark-looking pillar on your top right, well, that’s my bottle of EVOO. Looking horrible.)

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