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Image: Bicerin at Carluccio’s

Bicerin at Carluccios (9537)

I have to say, this moving thing is really throwing me off. Was about to put an exclamation mark there but I kinda stopped. Reason: there are too many of those scattered around this blog. Way too much for my liking. It would help explain my surprise though so I think you would have forgiven me if I inserted one anyway. Yes, all this tiredness from organising this move is taking its toll, and I’m not even contributing to half of the work! (And there it is. I couldn’t resist.) J is the boss when it comes to huge moves so I left the big decisions up to him. I’m trying to do the small stuff, like making sure everything’s tidy, all of our clothes are properly washed, packed and sealed, ready to be shipped and other little miscellaneous things.

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Image: San Marino in Brixton

Espresso at San Marino in Brixton (9414)

Anything Eurovision related is bound to be news. Imagine the fits of laughter when I read in my Twitter feed that apparently people confused San Marino, as in the Republic of San Marino, with the coffee place in Brixton. Don’t ask me how or why that came about, or who said that. I have no idea how anyone would think that in the first place. I mean San Marino, the coffee place is great, but representation at the song contest…I mean…speak about being far-fetched. Anyone feeling confused? Me?

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Images: Borough Market

Pulled Pork at Borough Market (9420)

I feel lucky this week. I got to go to London twice – for one day, then for a whole weekend. I relish my quiet days and sometimes I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that contributes more to those times when only the hustle and bustle of London will do. And so it was for the past few days.

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