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Iced Coffee with a Kick

Iced Coffee (9871)

One of the things both J and I wouldn’t live without is coffee. We’re not the typical coffee-obsessed persons – we have an Americano and a cappuccino in the morning with our breakfast, and an espresso after lunch. On rare occasions we have another espresso round about four, but that’s that.

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Image: Bicerin at Carluccio’s

Bicerin at Carluccios (9537)

I have to say, this moving thing is really throwing me off. Was about to put an exclamation mark there but I kinda stopped. Reason: there are too many of those scattered around this blog. Way too much for my liking. It would help explain my surprise though so I think you would have forgiven me if I inserted one anyway. Yes, all this tiredness from organising this move is taking its toll, and I’m not even contributing to half of the work! (And there it is. I couldn’t resist.) J is the boss when it comes to huge moves so I left the big decisions up to him. I’m trying to do the small stuff, like making sure everything’s tidy, all of our clothes are properly washed, packed and sealed, ready to be shipped and other little miscellaneous things.

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Preaching to the choir…


I really don’t need any convincing. I do already. 6 reasons to love Italy. Naturally the food comes first! For me, the coffee has done most of the convincing.

Rob x

Nigella’s chocolate and olive oil cake from “Nigellissima”


When I purchased Nigellissima, this was the first recipe I wanted to try. I have previously come across other recipes with vegetable oil instead of butter as one of the basic elements of cake, but never olive oil. It could be that my reading isn’t extensive enough. Having said that this is somewhat of an unusual recipe. It really does work well though, and it has become very popular in this house. My lovely neighbour also told me it was “delicious” and I trust her judgement. Nigella’s recipe is great for those who are allergic to gluten, but you can also choose to replace the ground almonds with plain flour (the measurements of which she gives both in the book, and see the link below). I made it with almonds, as I always have a stash in my pantry, especially in the colder months when I make crumbles by the dozen. The almonds give extra moisture and oiliness to the cake, and by the end you should have something in between a sponge and a cake. If you want something easy but different this is the recipe you should go for, and it takes no time to prepare just before your guests arrive for lunch. Perhaps today for Halloween. All you need now is an espresso. A real one. Black and black.

Rob xx

Additional note (11.12. 2013): I have made this cake again and have posted new updated photos. Click here for the full recipe.

Can I vent…a little? (KitchenAid prices)

Don’t worry – I will keep it short. Hand-held electric beaters are perfectly fine for baking but I love my KitchenAid. I really really miss it because I don’t have it with me here in Surrey. (Before I continue please note that this is *not* a promotion, but it’s a piece of news which will make you cringe, especially if you’re watching the pennies like every other person on the planet.) Listen to this…

Last April, J and I were out and about with my mum. As we entered Forestals (Malta) I noticed that they had some KitchenAid Artisan mixers on display. Price? €831. In April…2012. Yes. Now…in July…on their website: €640. Spot the difference. Is this reduction a fluke, or perhaps due to ‘competitive’ trade fair prices? Or maybe it’s because no one is buying anything these days? Kindly also note the brushed nickel one: €852!

Last week I was somewhere in Surrey, window shopping for some kitchen stuff, and there it was (the mixer that is), in a charming little kitchen shop. Price: £154. Nice! You can stop rubbing your eyes now. Compare and contrast. Done? Incidentally a friend of mine told me that you can find it at around €450 from Italy. Mah…

Rob x