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Writing 101: Photos gone horribly wrong

Two Pizzas Before (7342)

Today’s post is a riff between Day 15 and 16’s assignments. Well, not exactly, but after a rough weekend I decided it was time to write. I thought a lot about food photography lately. Having been sick for the past few days, the only thing I felt like doing is watching cooking and food photography videos. Yes, I’m constantly thinking about food, even when I feel off. Wierd, I know. So what I want to do eventually, is to jot some points down and turn them into an article, kind of like the one I wrote on cookbooks. It’s all up in the air at this stage, but I really want to write it.

In this post I want to grant one request which was recently sent to me by a fellow blogger, whom I got to know through Blogging Uni. A few weeks ago, Sav from Sav & The City wrote some lovely words on one of my photos and asked me if I would mind going through some shots that I was never, ever, going to publish.

Dear Sav, I might mind a little tiny bit, but you asked so kindly, I just couldn’t refuse. I never thought I would see this day. (The photo above is kind of OK, I mean I’ve seen worse, but if you were asking me what that dark-looking pillar on your top right, well, that’s my bottle of EVOO. Looking horrible.)

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