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Out of sight out of mind, they say. True, for me at least. So was browsing through my photos and found this one. I took it during our visit to Winkworth Arboretum, but since publishing the Autumn ones in a previous post some days ago, I forgot that I had some other ones stashed in the file, waiting for a good excuse to appear here.

This Way (8290)This is nothing special really, but something drew my eyes to the leaves and concrete forming an arrow on the pond. Lately I’ve been having some uncertainties about life and work in general. I almost gave up but looking at the arrow makes me think positive. Onwards I say…Also, I’m finding photography therapeutic and restorative to say the least. Being in quiet surroundings without no distractions helps me focus, and makes me happy…as long as I have my camera.

Thanks for dropping by.

Rob x