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Photo “No matter who you are” by Alan Stanton (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I wrote the second part of the coffee chat last week, before the shocking news about the Manchester arena terrorist attack, and planned to post it after the weekend. However with all that’s happened, with the many images of desperate parents trying to find out more about their children impressed in my mind, I, like many other bloggers and vloggers, don’t really feel like posting anything. Out of respect for the victims of this horrible tragedy and their families.

Don’t let the lightheartedness of what I wrote in the next post trick you in thinking that we’re OK. Some may argue that life has to go on, and it does, yes. But not knowing who these families are doesn’t excuse us from being insensitive. I wanted to write more on this, however I will leave it at that. At least for the time being.

The youngest victim was only 8 years old. News is that her mother is unconscious and doesn’t know what happened to her little girl. There are no words. RIP little one.



Writing 101: Home (One Word Inspiration)

Cathedral from the Castle (9799)

It’s Sunday morning, almost lunchtime, and I’m in my study. It’s the room where I feel most at home in. The wall to wall bookcases which J built remind me of those beautiful English libraries you can find in some National Trust properties. I don’t like antiques but everything can be a source of inspiration. Thank goodness for this room, because after a little more than a year back in Malta, I still cannot say that this is my home.

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A very short review…

I am reading loads of food and travel memoirs at the moment and this has quickly become one of my favourites. Italy and food go together and Victoria Cosford’s Amore and Amaretti is all about that! La Veeky, as she is affectionately called by her colleagues goes to Tuscany to learn all about Italian food and how to cook it the right way. She falls head over heals in love with the crazy Gianfranco who offers her a place to work in his trattoria. How very romantic, you say…well…yes – until she finds out about his terrible mood swings with which she tries to live. Ultimately it doesn’t work but she remains in love with the country anyway and returns to celebrate her 40th and 50th birthday there with friends. Her recipes are simple and glorious – you will get hungry as you read them!

Amore and Amaretti is a light read, perfect for those lazy summer days, when all you want is the sun, the beach, good food, good vino and great friends. A day like today, when I’m working but really should be out and about…

Rob x