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Image: Bicerin at Carluccio’s

Bicerin at Carluccios (9537)

I have to say, this moving thing is really throwing me off. Was about to put an exclamation mark there but I kinda stopped. Reason: there are too many of those scattered around this blog. Way too much for my liking. It would help explain my surprise though so I think you would have forgiven me if I inserted one anyway. Yes, all this tiredness from organising this move is taking its toll, and I’m not even contributing to half of the work! (And there it is. I couldn’t resist.) J is the boss when it comes to huge moves so I left the big decisions up to him. I’m trying to do the small stuff, like making sure everything’s tidy, all of our clothes are properly washed, packed and sealed, ready to be shipped and other little miscellaneous things.

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Image: San Marino in Brixton

Espresso at San Marino in Brixton (9414)

Anything Eurovision related is bound to be news. Imagine the fits of laughter when I read in my Twitter feed that apparently people confused San Marino, as in the Republic of San Marino, with the coffee place in Brixton. Don’t ask me how or why that came about, or who said that. I have no idea how anyone would think that in the first place. I mean San Marino, the coffee place is great, but representation at the song contest…I mean…speak about being far-fetched. Anyone feeling confused? Me?

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Images: Flowers at Ightham Mote

Attention Seeker (9324)

I know that my readers come here for recipes and foodie photos and this week I have got quite a few blog ideas in my head. Birthday’s coming up and I have a couple of cakes and recipes lined up for later on. So there will be such a post here very very soon. However the past few weeks have been all about bluebells, flowers, cake and coffee, and we’ve been visiting a few National Trust places to get our fill! I couldn’t just let the whole thing pass by without a special mention. I know you will forgive me for that.

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Mortar and Pestle

Coriander Seeds and Salt (7365)

I hope you will forgive me for not posting any new recipes this week. I planned to today but unfortunately I don’t really feel well. Woke up this morning with the sniffles again and a sore, scratchy throat. I am currently on a lemon ginger tea marathon which I’m sure will continue throughout the weekend. I hope to satisfy some of my readers interested in photography though by giving you this image.

I am constantly learning and boy have I got a long way to go! I am constantly in search of old school kitchen objects; I think they look so good in photos. In an ideal world I would have good looking tools in my kitchen – and with that I don’t mean having new things. Nope – I just mean used, distressed dishes and stuff – things which are now being categorised as “vintage”. Don’t we just love that word, perhaps a little bit too much I would add, but you know what I mean! Recently I helped my lovely mummy (yes, I still call her ‘mummy’) spring clean her kitchen back in Malta and as it happens she found some baking tins lurking at the back of a random cupboard she wasn’t using anymore. She washed and dried them, put everything in a bag and handed them to me. I was thrilled.

Now my mortar and pestle, and the sometimes yucky-looking chopping board (because let’s face it, it would impossible to keep a common plastic board, or any wood block for that matter, looking immaculate if you cook), are something I use constantly. I use my mortar and pestle to crush salt, pepper and seeds. I’m not a snob when it comes to ingredients, as long as they are fresh and good, and I use free-range and organic whenever I can, but I must say I try to avoid table salt, since the taste can be somewhat artificial; so I prefer using course salt. I will definitely *not* tell you go buy this brand or that brand, because you don’t need to use any “finezzi”, as we say in Maltese – loosely translated as “finery”. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) I crush whatever I need whenever I need it: I don’t use huge amounts at one time so it’s practical, at least for me it is. And I still find Maltese salt as one of the best kinds I have ever tried.

So please take this photo as it is, taken as I was doing another million-and-one things – I don’t even remember what I was cooking at the time. I think that it is at least decent, and that’s why I put it up. You have *no idea* how many photos end up in my virtual bin! Enjoy and I certainly welcome any critique! (*Wink wink* PhotoSoc.)

Rob x