Carrot, Apple and Lemon Juice

I could have given this blog post quite a few number of titles (I’m being totally honest with you here), such as:

  • Yay! This is Not a Book Review, or
  • Yay! This is Not Another Book Review, or
  • Here’s Something Different and About Time, or
  • Finally She’s Got Something Else to Say, or
  • Juicers and Various Conundrums…

…and the list could have gone on forever, but I’ll spare you the agony. The thing is that I’ve immersed myself in cookbooks for these past few months, and haven’t really had the time or the ‘correct’ head space, for lack of a better expression, for anything else, including cooking, baking and documenting any recipes. I’ve just started my autumn cooking, as in cooking recipes which are usually reserved for cooler months.

Weather-wise we’ve had a brutal summer, with plenty of heatwaves which really took out the best from us. As is usual for me, I stayed away from the oven and any kind of baking. With temperatures dangerously close to 40C it was impossible. Any regular reader of mine knows that I’m not a summer person at all so there’s nothing new. Thankfully, the temperature has now dropped in the lower 20s and I can breathe and bake again. Thank goodness.

The story for this blog post goes something like this. I have been wanting a juicer for ages and ages. I’m not a health nut but almost exclusively during the summer months, I found myself preparing smoothies for breakfast with whatever I could find in the fridge. Well, sometimes there could be a kind of fridge raid, but other times it would be planned in advance and I would have the ingredients I need to hand. There’s nothing like having fresh produce and using it up, is there? I used my blender and in many ways it served its purpose very well.

Anyways, the thing is that I didn’t want to purchase another kitchen gadget, because in reality I knew what would eventually happen. I would juice enthusiastically for the first couple of months, then losing all interest as the weeks went by. I left the research to J, and we went for a Panasonic MJ-L500 juicer, which is a slow juicer (sometimes also referred to as a macerating juicer). A modern machine, upright and taking up a small section of space on the countertop. Most importantly the squeezing screw and the filter are made of stainless steel, and the overall mechanism is sturdy. Cleaning it after use is easy enough, although not all the parts are dishwasher safe. Not a biggie though.

Juicing in general requires some prep, which can be tedious. Which is why I don’t do it everyday…or every week…or month many times. J does though, so I leave the peeling and prepping to him. He says that he’d rather juice than just peel an apple to eat, and he insists that apple and pomegranates juice well together.

One of the first combos we tried was the following, suggested on the manual. I don’t like to read manuals but I did read it in this instance. I didn’t want to break the thing during our first attempt. I would suggest you do too. It’s important to know what to peel, what to core, how to deal with frozen fruit and veggies, and ingredient prep in general.*

  • 300g carrots, peeled and cut into approx 3 cm sections
  • 300g apples, cored and chopped into quarters
  • 30g lemon

Insert the veggie and fruit pieces as instructed in your juicer manual and enjoy.* This quantity yields 2 small glasses of juice.

This is not a sponsored post, and not a complete review (which was not the aim of this post.) I included the juicer’s brand and make for information purposes. Also the juicer was bought with our own monies.





3 thoughts on “Carrot, Apple and Lemon Juice”

  1. We have a juicer somewhere, think it might be over at Tim’s flat now, he did buy it after all. That is Tina’s son Tim not my brother Tim, which gets confusing!
    You mentioning pomegranates, is funny because we bought two yesterday at a market in Kingston, a Turkish fruit market out of interest.

      1. I tend to just buy fruit juice but when you talk of making apple and pomegranate juice with some added banana with a few almonds chucked in…. well that sounds like alchemy which is fun!

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