2 thoughts on “Coffee Date #7 (Catching up and some Social media updates)”

  1. So, so sorry to read this, Rob. Hope you’re on the mend and are being well taken care of! I’m also sorry you won’t be on FB any longer as I’m not on any of the other social media things you mention…. I’d love to keep in touch.
    I’m back in Malta to see Dad from Dec 29 till Jan 4. It would be great to meet for coffee, cake and a chat, if you’ve got some free time.
    Meanwhile, much love and healing thoughts,

    Maureen xx

    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for your comment and for taking the time to read this. I appreciate that. My back pain comes and goes, and I haven’t healed completely. At this rate I seriously doubt it will ever go away.
      Re Facebook, I will keep my FB page and I will still use the Messenger app. So if you message me I will read it as soon as it arrives. Don’t worry about keeping in touch. I will visit my wall, not every day, but I will. I’d love to meet up for coffee, cake and a chat so give me a shout when you’re here. Stay well my friend x

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