More Photos from the Lake District: Parks in Keswick

The view of Latrigg from Fitz Park. There are benches to sit on, perfect for reading, writing and eating a packed lunch.

Since the theme of my last post was the Lake District, I thought I would continue here as a kind of second part. As I write this short introduction to the following set of photos, I have my Lake District map open before me on my desk. Retracing my steps, both for this year’s trip and others we did in the past, feels good.

There hasn’t been much rainfall this year. You can see immediately how shallow the water is from the riverbed.

As I grow older I feel that doing what makes us happy is one of the best things we can ever do. Life is too short. I say this here because of something some family members asked me the other day: Why do you always go to the Lake District for your holiday? People just don’t get it do they most of the time. Could the answer be as simple as it seems? Of course it is for chrissakes. Because we love it. Of course. The park is so big, it’s impossible to explore in one take. One could if one wants to. All one needs to do is to stick to the touristy places. There’s plenty to see there, but there’s much much more. It’s like going to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and going back home.

Looking down at the River Greta from the bridge.
Experimenting with brightness and grading. Walking by the river.
I turned around and took a shot of the opposite direction. The colours are true this time.

So, before I digress, I will stop here and let you get on. Do take a look at the photos if you’re interested and keep those messages about planning your next trip to the Lakes coming. I’m enjoying the conversation. Although I think it would be helpful to submit any questions and comments under this post, for everyone to see.

This is one of the most fascinating places in Keswick. It’s the town’s disused railway station. The track is covered in gravel and makes a lovely walk. Needless to say, we were very lucky with the weather. It was a gorgeous week.
Fitz Park is also home to the Bowling Club. It was very quiet when we walked by.

The following photos were taken in Hope Park, right outside Keswick town centre. I walked past it everyday on my way to Derwent Water.

As you exit Keswick town centre, making your way toward Derwent Water, you can find Hope Park. It was quite overcast when I took these photos but the flowers completely made up for that!

Photos like this one are my favourite. Such simplicity and yet so much beauty.

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend. Enjoy!








10 thoughts on “More Photos from the Lake District: Parks in Keswick”

  1. Loving your blog. I need inspiration and trying to get something going with mine again. Maybe starting a new blog? One that’s got a more intriguing name rather being self titled?

    1. Thanks so much Nick. You know, coincidentally I was chatting with J last week about some changes I’m considering making with mine too. Perhaps a different theme, one which doesn’t make me forget past posts and recipes. I have 6 and a half years of material in there and I kind of feel like it’s disorganised. This summer’s project was to rearrange tags and categories for example. I keep putting it on the back burner though. Me and procrastination become best buddies sometimes! I’m also struggling with inspiration. Have been for over a year really. Right now I’m just working with photos I already have taken. It’s so hot at the moment that I cannot be bothered with cooking long meals and with new stuff. Also, there’s no walking long distances either right now. There’s no shade anywhere. (I’m so angry about this I can’t think straight whenever I think about it!)

      Re: a new blog or renaming it, it could be an idea. Blogs are dynamic things. Rebranding could be an option. J was also thinking about this very recently.

      1. Interesting to know, cue new article on my site that I am going to write now about my sites, the plans I have for them etc. Some of these sites won’t be blogs per se but a bit more dynamic than that. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that the traditional blog has had it’s day and now is the time to re-design them!!!!!!

  2. Lovely stuff. Never really been there not properly at least. I can see you scorn at me now. Shall visit there sometime. Strange thing is us Brits like our Mediterranean escapes too much. Though this year we loved Wales and I want more of that thing. Easier than flying and we have a decent car for long drives.

    1. Thanks Nick! I would never scorn at you guys! But seriously you should go. It’s right there! The drive is long and tiring, but it’s so wonderful once you arrive.

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