Some ramblings on Doubt (intro to Coffee Date #6)

IMG_20160510_160835Hello everyone! How have you been all doing? Really, tell me. I’m always interested. These have been an eventful few months and I honestly don’t know where to start. I can’t believe that the last coffee chat I posted was in January. It’s already mid-May and I feel it’s been too long since I wrote that.

After a break up in the Lake District I thought I was feeling ‘fresh’. Little did I know that my mind and heart weren’t really ready to come back and I spent the next few days (today included) thinking of those green and beautiful rolling hills. Then why not write about it, I thought – it will do you (as in ‘me’) a great deal of good. Woah. Wasn’t I wrong. I sat down, planning to write this brilliant piece and out came…absolutely nothing. Thoughts come and go as they please and barely give me time to jot down anything. So most of the time I end up with zilg. The ones I do get I consequently struggle with. It doesn’t flow as naturally as I would like most often than not. I then accept this as a fact of life and I stop, like I did yesterday.

So while I enjoy cooking (when I’m not under pressure that is) I get the heebie jeebies when it comes to writing. Oftentimes I don’t derive pleasure from it (unlike reading for example which gives me great joy). Seeing the end result is something else of course. It’s almost exactly how I feel about driving. I don’t enjoy it at all; I end up wielding my trusty lavender oil just to get me from A to B in 10 minutes. When I arrive at my destination I kinda give myself a little pat on the back and say ‘take that anxiety’.

As many of you and others out there, I go through several periods of doubt, because this minute space on the web is irrelevant, sometimes even to me. Of course it is. Just look at all the serious issues going on in this world, I say a million and one times to J. However when I ‘wake up’ I see that there is a space for everything in this world, perhaps even for this little blog. Still, in my fuzzy little head, this space still seems unimportant to me.

And hey, let me say this before all this backfires: I’m not fishing for anything here. I’m just writing what comes to mind.

This leads me to something I said in a previous post I think. Sporadically I would like to write more in depth about food and also other stuff, with hopefully more musings and photos. There will also be more book reviews coming up. I won’t necessarily be giving you a recipe every week or so, but they will keep on coming so don’t be alarmed about that. The summer months could be a perfect excuse for some needed variety, and it’s only natural to want to spend more time away from the kitchen, out of necessity (a.k.a. the unbearable heat).

So at this point I ask, would you like a coffee? Yes? Let’s go…












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