Coffee Date #2

Coffee at the Old Spitalfields Market (0467)C&T has by now become quite the fixture in my life. I find myself thinking about new recipes and reviews continuously, especially when I’m doing the usual mundane things, which most of the time are house chores. Stirring a soup in the kitchen is also included in this list, although funnily enough it’s not as boring as it seems for me. Anyways, all this is to tell you that I feel I haven’t had a proper catch up with you in ages.

A few months ago, I registered for a couple of online short courses with WordPress. One of the writing tasks was exactly like this – a kind of coffee chat/date, and I’m thinking about making it a series on this blog. I’ll try to post them regularly, although not that often as to become mind-numbingly tedious! That’s not my plan at all. I don’t keep a journal for various reasons, however this format of blog writing could serve me well.

So if we were sitting down for coffee on this sunny Mediterranean afternoon I would tell you that the next few weeks will be even busier. I still need to find where to fit my writing tasks and plan my calendar for this month, and I don’t know exactly where to being to be honest. To add to that I just registered for *another* two courses with WordPress. Again, the only thing I’m worried about this is time. I’ll give it my best shot though and try to be as consistent as possible. The beauty with courses like these is that I have the possibility to pace myself – I can write as much as I want to and as much as I see fit. I also have the choice of not tackling certain tasks, not because they are tough. They could be repetitive and that is what I want to avoid as much as possible. We’ll see how that goes. What I can say is that I will keep you posted because it will all be uploaded on C&T in due time. It will start on the 7th March.

If we were sitting down for coffee in my kitchen I would exchange ideas on what I cooked throughout the month of February. I made loads of stuffed artichokes, as I always like to do at this time of year. I made batches and batches of them, because they are seasonal and because I can easily say that they are our favourite meal. Yes, I think I can also speak for J on this one! You can find out about how I make them right here, so you can get geared up for next year. I won’t buy them again until then. Spring has arrived very early in Malta this time round. We’re already getting strawberries – the ripe and juicy ones, not the red-from-the-outside-and-white-in-the-middle nasty ones. I macerated the whole box in lemon juice, brown sugar and vanilla extract, and another one in lemon juice, mint and freshly ground pepper. It works, trust me. We also had some chicken curry but that was made with the help of a jar. As one of my dearest friends would say: “Quando ce vo’, ce vo’.”

If you were here having a coffee with me, you’d be surprised at the sight of a book called Hungry Healthy Happy by Dannii Martin. I kid you not but listen, the recipes are great, simple and you don’t have to go out of your way to find the ingredients. You almost forget it’s a book about healthy food. Healthy as in honest and good for you without breaking the bank, and without going around in circles trying to find impossible things to eat. Dannii is such a lovely lady too. She’ll get back to you with an answer to any query. If I liked the book, believe me you will like it too, which you can certainly tell in my review. I made a version of her banana pancakes just yesterday and they tasted so good. Bonus: they have no refined sugar. Pancakes For The Win!

I’m having a coffee right now and wish you were here. I would tell you that finally it rained on this little rock. It was a short bout but we needed it. It’s not usual that people wish for rain, but here it happens. Unlike last year, when it rained almost non-stop for around 5 weeks. Back in Surrey I can imagine my friends reading this and consequently thinking that I’m going nuts. But seriously, as much as I like sunny winter days (yep, I do prefer them over the hot summer months), this lack of rainfall is very worrying. It’s not good for produce, not good for livestock and not good for us. Period.

We are having coffee and I want to thank you and my bro-in-law J2 for recommending Spotify. I know, I know…I’m so late on the bandwagon I should be ashamed, but better late than never. And I’m on it now. I love it! I have Shingo Nakamura in there and all the music I can ever need for my writing, which is one of my joys.

So thanks again, and your coffee is on me!

Rob x

(*Not* a sponsored post.)


11 thoughts on “Coffee Date #2”

  1. This is lovely, Roberta! I loved the coffee date and getting caught up on how you’ve been! 🙂 Your macerated strawberries sound incredible, and I’m very interested in the Hungry Healthy Happy cookbook! I look forward to our next coffee chat! 😉

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