Image: Two new additions to my cookbook collection

Cookbooks (0605)I planned to continue working on a book review today but things are definitely not going to plan. This is happening so often lately. I know I say it so often to make your eyes and ears explode (such an exaggeration, really!) but these past few weeks I just haven’t had time to do anything. My writing almost went down the drain, and I can barely go through the day without feeling like a zombie by the afternoon. So although I have been posting regularly once a week, things on C&T were a little quiet on my end.

However I didn’t want to go through this week without posting something. I will have another post up because I know some of you are waiting for a particular book review. I plan to have that for you in a few days.

Cookbooks (0603)In the meantime I’m posting this recent photo, taken a few days ago, of two books added to my collection. They’re not mine as such – they’re kind of on loan. Let me explain. My brother-in-law, also known as J2 here, is soon relocating to another part of the world. So he passed them on to me for safekeeping. That doesn’t mean I won’t be trying some of the recipes from each book very soon.

The first book is in Italian (*totally skipping with joy*) all about Roman cooking, called La Cucina Romana e Ebraico Romanesca. I’ve read a few chunks of it already and I can already say how much I like it. I usually read cookbooks like novels, even though some of them don’t really ‘translate’ well when I do that, for lack of a better word. This one does though. It’s a cross between let’s say Nigella’s How To Eat and those lovely encyclopedic books by Nigel Slater. In Italian. Fantastic.

The other book is by Gino D’Acampo. Now to be honest, I don’t follow his antics too much, but I thought I would give Gino’s Italian Escape a chance. Will let you know more about that as I read and cook.*

So as with almost all my books, I took a snap and here it is. I hope you’re all enjoy your week, even if it’s as hectic as mine, or more!


*I’ve been cooking from his book for a few days now and I do like it! Surprised much?!


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