A Retrospective: London 2015 (1)

At Russell Square (0025)There’s no place in the world that I’d rather be. Last year I was lucky to visit London a couple of times. The last visit in particular was a favourite, made even better by getting to see our friends. The visit to Androuet was the cherry on the cake. These first set of photos though were all taken a year ago. They have been sitting in my photo files for ages. I was waiting for the ideal time to post them, but I realised there’s no time like the present, so here they are.

Entrance at the British Museum (0015)Entrance at the British Museum (0019)They’re definitely not the best photos I have ever taken. However they are cherished memories and that was enough for me. I find that the more attached to a place or a person, the more difficult it is for me to take a picture. Does that ever happen to you? Have you ever felt overwhelmed when travelling? As in going to a place, when something hits you and you realise that that’s exactly where you want to be right at that particular moment? That’s exactly how I feel every single time in London. It’s such a great feeling, and yet so bittersweet because you know that one day you will be heading back. Am I making sense?

Sutton Hoo Mask (0023)The Giant (0013)So when I’m visiting I rarely take any decent pictures. I’m never in the mood – I don’t know what it is. I know…I’m weird like that! This first trip was all about visiting museums once again. It was fantastic. I just love them – and the ones in London never disappoint. Ever. The Sutton Hoo exhibit was something else. I couldn’t stop staring at that mask.

Jewel (0006)Star (0007)These set of pictures were almost all taken exclusively at the British Museum. There were some beautiful exhibits, to which I didn’t do any justice in my shots, but they were too special to skip. The treasures in the vault were simply amazing.

Inside the Vault (0004)Will be posting some more London photos in my next post. I hope you come back again to check them out.



5 thoughts on “A Retrospective: London 2015 (1)”

  1. Yes! So many times I’m enjoying the moment and I return home and think, “I didn’t capture any of it on camera!” Thanks for sharing your memories:)

      1. Thank you, Roberta … that means so much to me. 🙂 I’m sure I would dearly love London … it would be so lovely to experience such a beautiful city!

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