Writing 101: The Space to Write

Bookshelves (0380)

Today’s actual writing assignment was to write some thoughts derived from a comment posted on someone else’s blog or one that someone posted here on C&T. There were comments that struck me but I feel that I have already written a number of posts that seem to be relevant to the comments I’m seeing lately. So I have decided to tackle Day 6’s task which is to describe the place where I write.

Every minute I spend in my study confirms the fact that this is my favourite room in my house. The kitchen also is numero uno but the study has quickly shared this spot during these past few months. I feel cocooned in this place and even though I share the room with J, I still feel I have my own peaceful corner here. It’s still a work in progress, but my desk will be ready soon. Right now I use a little desk, which used to be in J’s room back when he was a doctoral student in Michigan. It’s a nice size mind you, but it gets so messy.

Well, that’s my fault really. I have an unbelievable amount of never-ending pencils, erasers and pens sitting next to the computer screen. Then I have three little sketch books, one is used but the other two are just waiting for something to be doodled in them! Then come my recipe notes and menus from restaurants in London we’ve been to last January (just because I meant to write about them but never really got to it). Next comes a nice looking clock which either shows the wrong time of day or stops abruptly – J changed the battery but it didn’t exactly fit. My excuse is that I have been too busy to go to my trusty watch repairer, who knows me as the lady lived in England. Maltese people can be sweet like that. I also have a box of new business cards which should be put away after grabbing a few for my pocketbook, a plain desk lamp, a CD (remember those?) with some of my graduation photos and a guitar tuner. I don’t even own a guitar anymore. Oh…and I need to find a place for my watercolours and coloured pens, which right now are in a corner on top of a paper basket. Trendy ha? Everything else is OK.

So you see, since I don’t have a good picture of my study yet, I’m posting another picture of my cookbook unit, which is on the opposite wall of my kitchen. They were next to my desk in the study a few months ago but this made no sense to me after a little while so J helped me out when I announced I wanted them in the place where I actually do the cooking. I like to work on the kitchen table. It’s in there that I plan our meals, write the shopping lists and flip through the books when I run out of ideas. That’s how I worked back at our tiny flat in Guildford and that is what I  got used to doing. And I’m doing fine. I prefer this setup much better and I really don’t mind having two workspaces. I will try to take some more photos as soon as I organise the space I’m working on now. Hopefully you will not have to wait too long!



2 thoughts on “Writing 101: The Space to Write”

    1. Thanks! There’s more…Lol! But I’m trying to contain myself from buying more. I have some though which were sent to me for review. And I’m totally into sticky notes. The coloured ones especially!

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