Menu for an Afternoon Tea (#TeaandCakeTuesday)

Three Cakes and Afternoon Tea (0233)

It’s a public holiday here in Malta and I just had a day and a half. This week we are having some work done at the house and we needed to get ourselves prepared. Things needed to be stored and placed out of the way – I’m dreading the dirt and dust that will undoubtedly be going around in the air during the next few days but I keep telling myself that it will pass. In the meantime I am bracing myself. Now on to the more enjoyable stuff…

I know that you will forgive me for revisiting some recipes with you this evening. The photos you are seeing in this post were taken during a get together in the form of an afternoon tea at our place a few months ago – on the 29th June to be exact (another public holiday coincidentally. I’m not doing this on purpose. Promise.) J’s uncle, aunt and cousins came over for a visit from the land of Oz for a few months and instead of worrying about preparing dinner, the idea of tea and coffee plus a few goodies seemed appealing. I never had people over for afternoon tea, so this was a first.

I wanted to prepare a couple of cakes, eventually becoming three, because I mean, come on, why not? that are totally foolproof and easy. I just didn’t have the time to worry about a new bake and I really had to plan my morning well if I wanted to spend all my time baking and cleaning the kitchen before my guests arrived. Three recipes made the cut:

Rachel Khoo’s Pistachio and Prune Cake

Savoury Pistachio and Prune Cake (0241)

Orange Drizzle Cake (originally Chocolate and Orange Drizzle Cake)

Orange Drizzle Cake (0236)

Mary Berry’s Chocolate Brownies.

Chocolate Brownies (0240)

These recipes, if of course the flavour combinations are to your taste, are rock solid reliable. There was never a doubt in my mind, but still, I was so happy when I saw and tasted the end result. Everyone liked them. J also made some sandwiches and was then in charge of making coffee rounds for everyone. The poor man did not stop.

Three Cakes and Afternoon Tea (0237)

If you want the recipes, all you have to do is click on the links provided. Tweet me or message me if you find time to try them this week, if you don’t mind using the oven that is. I heard there will be a thunderstorm tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy.




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