Photo Diary: Gozo

The Azure Window (0188)

I thought it was time to post some non-foodie pics once again. As some of you may know, a friend of mine came over to Malta from the UK for a short visit. It was a real whirlwind and I tried to show her as many interesting places around the island in five days. She just started working as a travel consultant so would it be needless to say that she prepared a serious list of things she wanted to see? That was a bonus because she gave me a clear idea of the places she was interested to visit.

The Azure Window (0184)

Fungus Rock with Shore in the Foreground (0192)

The first thing on her list was a day in Gozo, and we did just that on her first full day here. It was as hot as hell but we managed to pull through. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked. That happens to me often, for whatever reason, so I had to make do with the few adequate snaps I managed to take. When we came back home in the evening I realised that I didn’t even take some of the beautiful Gozitan ftira we ate for lunch! I might have taken a shot with my phone but the camera on that is, very mildly put, complete rubbish. A good excuse for another trip.

Fungus Rock (0182)

Fungus Rock and Heart (0194)

I usually divide these kinds of posts into two, mainly because I don’t like the clutter with too many pictures, but as I said before, there aren’t that many. I’m including everything for this one though, since most are of Fungus Rock and the beautiful Azure Window – *the* sights to see in Gozo. I had to include the one with the heart. I guess someone loved the views as much as we did! And the ice cream we had to cool ourselves off in the shade made things even better! I cannot remember whose idea that was but there was no question as to whether we needed one.

The Inland Sea (0180)

We Heart Fungus Rock (0196)

We also went to The Cittadella a.k.a. the Citadel (Iċ-Ċitadella), in the middle of the city of Victoria (or Rabat). The view of Għasri from the top of the Citadel made the uphill climb worthwhile (for which sadly I have no decent photos).  Restoration works started on this fortified city a few years ago. It’s still quite chaotic in there but we managed not to trip over various construction contraptions in the quaint narrow streets. Some tourists were not so lucky.

Balcony Pots (0199)

Citadella (0201)

Citadella (0202)

A View from the Fort (0204)

Citadella (0203)

Just take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous blue sky. And yes, it was as hot as it seems. (A great ending to C&T’s 300th post.)




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