Martini (0215)

Happy Thursday and I hope you’re all doing great today. It’s hot, humid and very very windy here in Malta – the kind of weather that won’t let you do anything. And if you have loads of errands to run it will be a bit of a hassle. I had an important meeting today which basically took all morning but I ticked an item on my to-do-list so it worked well. Thank goodness we had air conditioning, something which we don’t yet have installed in our study. We decided not to last summer but we have been feeling it for a whole month now and I think that by the next few days working here will be unbearable. A solution would be doing nothing during the afternoons and just settle in the living area, watching a good movie perhaps, or re-runs of Castle. Made it to S3 ep3, in case you’re asking.

Another solution would be to live by the sea during warmest months. To be fair, I like where I live because it’s central but wouldn’t it be lovely to walk to a beach instead of having to take the car? I think it would be. I visited a friend last week who lives in a beautiful house seconds away from the beach. Being there was amazing. And I wouldn’t mind either living closer to the beach in the winter. It would get cold, true, but I wouldn’t mind the sunsets. And instead of a cold drink I would be sipping a hot chocolate topped off with a couple of marshmallows. Such a good thought!

Martini (0214)

Last Sunday, J and I spent some time sorting out some work at home. I cooked and sorted out the kitchen, but after a couple of hours I just had enough. It was too hot I decided and I gave up. I sat in front of the fan, feet up and watched Ex Machina. Nothing special, didn’t like it, but hey J wanted to watch it and I said why the heck not. Again, in case you’re wondering/deciding whether to watch it or not. Don’t know if that was helpful but it was a bit meh. My opinion anyway. I think that by the end of it I was asleep. Now I’m not a cocktail enthusiast, nor much of a drinker either, but I do have favourites. (Can I remind you to drink responsibly here please?) I wanted something sweet but J made me a mean Martini. It was strong, so beware, and my favourite thing about it were those two olives. So cute, and good. The trick is to have them at the end, by which time they would have absorbed a little of the drink. Served shaken and cold – the colder, the better.

The following quantities are for two glasses. Make sure you’re not driving after this. It is strong. Well, it is for me. J used Martini for this. If you’re making a cocktail use good vermouth.

  • 80ml gin
  • 20ml dry Martini

Pour the gin and dry Martini in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into two cocktail glasses. Garnish with two pitted green olives. Two for each glass.



(This is *not* a sponsored post.)

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