Wheat (9615)

It’s nice and sunny once again this morning and this time the fine weather is here to stay, at least for a little while. The blue skies bring back fond memories of Outwood, one of my favourite National Trust places in Surrey. In warm weather it beats being by the sea, at least for me. I loved the woods there, and coming from me that says something! The common is a great place to sit and have a picnic, and walking around the place is relatively easy, with plenty of decent footpaths.

The Parish (9583)

Outwood Common (9563)

The Old Mill (9623)

The Outwood Mill has been damaged by storms a few years ago and it’s not open to the public anymore. There’s no access to the grounds either, but there are good photo opportunities from the common and the parking lot.

Outwood Common (9576)

Around Outwood (9590)

I just wanted to share some photos of the place which have been waiting to be published on this blog for around a year. I just don’t know why I left them sitting there. Technically they are nothing big, but I am quite happy with them, which is probably the result of loving Outwood so much.

Outwood Common (9573)

Hope you enjoy them.


(Before I leave I just want to draw attention to one question I’m getting a lot lately, which is: why have I not been posting exclusively on food these days? My answer for this can be found on the C&T About page for those who asked me and care to read it. Thanks.)


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