Flora’s Coffee Shop and Tea Room

Mirror (0141)

Update: Please note that as from the 28th October, 2019 Flora’s Cafe is permanently closing down. It will now only cater for private events and tea parties.

One thing I thought I would miss, since moving back to Malta last year was a good place for coffee and conversation, and perhaps for some reading. I’m sure there are a few places dotted around the island where you can do all that, but I haven’t come across anything till now. From this week though, I’m happy. In fact, this post could easily be part 2 in my love Malta series. From this week, my lovely readers, there’s a new kid on the block I like – a place so charming you will want to visit very soon. It’s called Flora’s, a small but beautiful coffee shop and tea room in Naxxar. So central, so on point. At least, for me. With an address like 1, Victory Square, you cannot miss it, and it’s right by the church. That’s exactly where I wanted to go on Friday. They opened on Wednesday, and I wanted to see how they would manage the usual teething problems a new place faces during its first few days.

The Stage (0154)

Cupcakes (0156)

Tea and Conversation (0146)

There was a beautiful stillness to the place when I arrived a little after 10am. I was greeted by Emily and Richie at the counter, both in bright green, smart, polite and relaxed. (Wish I had some good shots of them working but they were whizzing past so quickly with trays and trays of coffees and goodies, I didn’t want to be in their way in case of any accident!) I also met owner Dani, who welcomed me with a huge smile and instantly made me feel at home. As soon as I went in I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful counter. Everything was so pretty and colourful. Just look.

Cupcakes (0155)

Countertop (0157)

Cupcakes (0161)

I ordered a cappuccino, a slice of Victoria sponge and a sticky toffee pudding cupcake, which let me tell you *now* (I just can’t keep these things to myself) was delicious.

Coffee Shop Humour (0140)

Sweet Treats (0160)

I was shown to the seating area, and obviously went for the most comfortable place in the room: the cushions. The place is cosy and intimate, as in don’t-talk-about-anything-too-personal-because-you-will-be-heard type of thing, but that doesn’t take anything away from the charm. I was alone (I didn’t mind at all, and I was in blogging mode anyway) so I took some snapshots of the place and put my camera down in order to soak up the environment.

Quiet Corner (0139)

Pretty Deco (0151)

Just after Opening Time (0133)

I looked up at the high ceiling, and my eyes rested on the peaceful colour palette of grey, soft daffodil yellow, pastel pink, green, white and small touches of blue. Very reminiscent of English tea rooms I think. I kind of forgot I was in the middle of a very urban place. In the meantime, people started to arrive and in no time at all the place was almost full.

On the Piano (0150)

Sugar Jars (0149)

My coffee and cakes were now on the table and I could dive in. And what a dive it was. Coffee: good, creamy and well-made. Victoria sponge: sweet and delightful. (And not salty!) Sticky Toffee Pudding cupcake: absolutely gorgeous. To be honest I was a little hesitant at first about my choice of cupcake, because they’re not usually my thing. I could have ordered another slice of cake, but cupcakes at Flora’s seem to take centre stage so I went for it. I wasn’t sorry – the sticky toffee in the middle made it all worthwhile.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcake (0136)

Victoria Sponge (0134)

I’m already thinking about what I might choose the next time I’m there. (It’s my birthday week, from today, so there’s another reason to go.)

Table Setting (0143)

Cappuccino (0138)

Everything is fresh and baked on site. The plan to start serving pies and sandwiches is in the works so that’s already being taken care of. Once that is done Flora’s will be complete. They open from Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm, Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and Sundays from 10am till 2.30pm.

Update on the 30th April: As of this week Flora’s added a number of savouries on their menu.

*This is NOT a sponsored post.*


6 thoughts on “Flora’s Coffee Shop and Tea Room”

  1. This week I went with my daughter for a cup of tea and scones with clotted cream and jam. A cute english tea room. Good service

  2. Haven’t heard of this place but it looks stunning, thanks for the heads up. I work at a similar coffee shop – cakes and cupcakes, as well as sanwiches. It’s Lulu cafe in Ibragg, not far from naxxar. Stop by sometime for a cappuccino and a slice of lemon drizzle 🙂

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