Some fruity photos, a little chat and a strawberry and banana milkshake.

Smoothie (7913)

So I have some time to myself on this lovely Sunday morning and thought I would drop a few lines. This week has been quite a hectic one. What made it worse was another little round of the flu. It’s easing a bit now all due to some rest I had yesterday. J wasn’t feeling too good either and after a bowl of minestra (the Maltese version of minestrone) we had a delightful movie afternoon. My feather blanket and hot water bottle became my best friends. I still managed to bake chocolate cookies *just got up and having one right now*. The Sun’s out today and that makes me happy. (Is Spring around the corner?)

Fruity Treats (9485)

These past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. It’s something I love to keep up with. Having said that I know that I need to give it even more love and attention because lately I have been slightly neglectful. I had forgotten that moving to a new environment causes a certain amount of confusion. Moving to a new place this time has meant moving countries – again. Moving is expensive, chaotic and very stressful. We moved…let’s see how many times…*counting*…around 8 times (also considering in-house Malta moves) in 13 years. Thinking about just that gives me chills and makes me say things like “I’ll never move again” or “this is it” or “issa daqshekk” Then I say “never say never” just because I don’t like to close all life’s possibilities. And we begin again.

Returning to this little 4 year old baby of mine Chorizo & Thyme, I’m constantly thinking about what I can do to make it better. One thing people tell me is to write more frequently, but at the minute I cannot commit to a one-a-day post, be it photo or recipe. I wish I could, believe me, but I cannot make promises I cannot keep. My aim is to post at least once a week, with a random bonus photo or chat  – as in this one. There’s no excuses to slacking so I won’t make any, except one thing: life. C&T will continue to be – that will not stop – and the recipes and photos will keep on coming. Lately I have taken to Twitter to post stuff when I’m cooking. Having a smartphone is so handy but mine isn’t anything special and its camera is in no way good, especially when I zoom in. But it does a basic job and I’m happy with that. What I like best is when I post a picture on there and get an instant reaction from someone. I don’t tend to put pictures up on Facebook as they have the rights to anything on there, so I stay away. I’m still very active on that though since that’s how people write to me with queries these days. If I don’t accept your friend request don’t be offended – that just means I don’t know you personally, but you can follow me and most of my updates are public anyway.

I know this has been quite a random chit-chat post but I cannot leave you without some photos. They are taken very randomly while still in my Guildford kitchen. Most probably I was trying out things like composition or something of the sort, which in that small space came more naturally to me. I had everything I needed on hand. Fun times. And now I need to make one of these.

Strawberry Milkshake (7470)

It’s just a basic strawberry and banana milkshake. All you need is:

  • one large ripe banana
  • a handful of fresh strawberries
  • any kind of milk you want

Blend it all up and there you have it.



6 thoughts on “Some fruity photos, a little chat and a strawberry and banana milkshake.”

    1. Thanks. It’s just a sort of update on what’s going on and some thoughts. Will upload posts like this every now and then. My readers seem to like them. I never thought anyone could respond so positively!

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