Around Ghent

Yellow House in Ghent (9948)

Last year I was lucky enough to join J on a very short trip to Ghent, Brussels. It was cold. I felt it in my bones, more so after still wearing my t-shirts back home. It was the first time I wore my winter clothes after a sweltering summer in Malta. On our first day in Brussels I underestimated how cold I would feel, and I didn’t wrap up properly. I learnt my lesson that evening though and geared up the next morning. I spent the day exploring the town on my own while J was away giving his lecture. It was rainy and gloomy but I still enjoyed it immensely. I love spending time alone. I walked and walked and walked, city map glued to my gloves in case I got lost  – one of my all-time fears. I always manage to find my way back though. Score.

As I was finding my way around the square, trying to find a decent place for coffee (which I eventually found) a woman in a big black Mercedes drove up to me asking me if I spoke French. I said I did…just a little to get by and understand but nothing that would resemble a decent conversation anyway. Does Madame speak English I asked meekly? I barely get by she said, but it was clear to me that she was lost. She told me she couldn’t find her way back home and my heart sank right there. I didn’t know her at all and yet I was so worried about her. By the time I stopped a family to ask for help, she just drove off. I tried to call out but nothing. In the evening, while on the tram (and to this very day) I just couldn’t stop wondering whether she got home safely. I hope everything was all right for her in the end.

I took this photo on one of the bridges across the river. That gorgeous pale yellow caught my eye, but I didn’t quite get the snap how I wanted to. Somehow, as in most of my photos, what I see is not what the end result is. Shows I’m not a pro. On the whole though I’m pretty pleased with it. The sky though, don’t make me rant on the whiteness. I almost ruined the picture. At first I thought the couple at the bottom got in the way, however looking at it they show the scale of the building, plus, at the risk of sounding cheesy, they contribute to the romantic feel of the town itself. Unfortunately I only edited two photos from our stay in Ghent. I took many photos but the majority didn’t make the cut. A good excuse to go back.

On a more foodie note, since tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, known also as Pancake Day in the secular world, I have this and this recipe to share. I made mine today, since I will be in a bit of a rush in the morning. I was up at stupid o’clock today so what the heck, today is the day I thought. The recipe for French toast can be found here.


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