The Little Coffee Cups

Sorrento Coffee Cup (9848)

It’s been a while since I exclusively went for a simple photo on C&T. I’m no photography expert as you well know, and because I’m not you will still see an occasional out-of-focus picture with a recipe. So these days, out of necessity, I am practising on various stuff in my kitchen. This is also helping me to reacquaint myself with the space – I’m finding it to be very beneficial.

So here’s two pictures of some teeny tiny cute cups and saucers. The first one above was brought to us from Sorrento by J2. Thoughtful gift – it matches my kitchen. Although we never ask people to get anything from their travels somehow friends and family are always very generous with us. And whether it’s spices, little ceramic things or books, I only wish they would know how much their gesture is appreciated.

A Special Espresso Cup (9892)

The second one, which is also one of my most used, is a very special wedding favour from our years in Michigan.

I love kitchen things in miniature. I can’t help it.



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