Image: Buttercream Muffins (with links to other recipes)

Buttercream muffins (9807)

I feel as if I’m getting my blogging mojo back! And since I am now on Flickr, I have decided to upload a two or three photos a week whenever I can. I was very hesitant at first and always questioned why I (or rather J) thought I would need to be present on another platform, apart from the usual Facebook and Twitter. I had almost enough of Facebook and again, I often think about not bothering with it at all. What I hate is the fact that they change the rules often, without making any form of announcement. (Case in point: I’m trying to upload this on FB and some setting has definitely changed since three days ago!)

What I love is the interaction, although I really don’t like the word “Friends” here. It’s fishy. I often receive requests from people I know, but who are not my friends. OK – let me rephrase that. I get requests from people who I *know* for a fact they have absolutely no desire to know me at all. All they want is to generate traffic onto their sites or social media pages. They do it either for marketing (eg. companies) or for narcissistic purposes. So to that I say, no thanks. Thus endeth this rant.

On a more positive vibe, the photo above is one of my favourites. These beautiful little creations were given to J and I by my lovely neighbour while we were still in Guildford. Brought fresh from the market that morning. They tasted as good as they looked. Of course, I couldn’t not take a picture before we devoured them. That goes without saying. Images like these make me even fonder of our life in Surrey. I made some real friends who I will never forget.

I love baking and gobbling up muffins in equal terms. I am looking forward to a spot of baking very soon, now that the weather is giving us a glimpse of a degree or two of coolness. You will find many recipes here on C&T and the following are some of the ones I like best:





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