Iced Coffee with a Kick

Iced Coffee (9871)

One of the things both J and I wouldn’t live without is coffee. We’re not the typical coffee-obsessed persons – we have an Americano and a cappuccino in the morning with our breakfast, and an espresso after lunch. On rare occasions we have another espresso round about four, but that’s that.

Iced Coffee (9861)

One of the latest scientific studies says that drinking coffee in the morning isn’t optimal, but routines are hard to break. So here I conveniently set science aside (without taking away any merit) and adopt the Italian way: a cappuccino (and un cornetto al cioccolato) in the morning and an espresso (never a cappuccino) in the afternoon. If you’re ever in Italy and you prefer that beautiful frothy milky coffee stuff as your after-lunch fix, ignore the stern looks you’re going to get from your barista. Either that or lie to their faces. Or just smile.

Iced Coffee (9863)

Lately I went to a coffee chain (I know I know – don’t give me that look) with my mum and ordered an iced latte. I don’t usually drink iced coffees, but the incredible heat together with the high humidity that day was tremendous and I just couldn’t drink anything hot. So an iced coffee it was. I will tell you one thing: I was so disappointed. I think you know the drill. Too much ice, so little coffee and milk. Seriously I would have preferred a big glass of cold milk. It would have made so much more sense.

Iced Coffee (9865)

But I didn’t give up. Nope. On to the next day, which again featured a killer heat. Three in the afternoon and all I felt like doing is watch an episode of Stargate Universe and something cold. Let’s make ourselves an iced coffee, taking one step further, adding a shot of chocolate liqueur. We were at home after all.

Iced Coffee (9867)

We didn’t froth the milk or anything because we just couldn’t be bothered. It ended up being a simple straight up iced drink and though it isn’t something I have often, it was a welcome break in the heat. For 2.

  • 2 glasses
  • ice cubes, as many as you fancy
  • 2 strong Americano coffees, preferably made from an Italian blend (I get mine from C&M Borg in Malta.)
  • 2 shots chocolate liqueur
  • milk to taste

In two glasses of your choice, add as many ice cubes as you want – I wouldn’t add more that three. Remember, the more you add the more watery your drink will turn out to be.

Pour the hot coffees over the ice, one in each glass. Add a shot of chocolate liqueur, again in each glass and top with milk.

A simple and refreshing drink especially during those unbearable days, if cold coffee is your thing.

Iced Coffee (9869)


**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have not received any payment from C&M Borg or any other company for any mention in this post. I have paid for the coffee myself because I am a regular client of theirs and I am not expecting any pat on the back for this mention.

I just like their coffee, and they always offered good service with a smile, and a lovely chat. I appreciate great customer service and anyone who gives it deserves a well done in my book.**


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