Around Hever

Walking through the Woods (8136)

Today I decided to share with you some shots which I took during a walk around Hever and Hever Castle. You must forgive me when I say that this week I just feel like reminiscing about that green and pleasant land in which I have lived for quite a while. I consider this blog not only to be a sort of cooking diary, but also to me it’s a journal of what I am up to in life, consisting of one also out of the kitchen. It’s so good for my soul to look back through old photos and posts and learn from my past experiences.

So for today and perhaps also for next week (on that I have yet to decide) you will find some pictures that have been sitting still for a couple of years I think, just waiting to be written about on here. They have been very patient indeed, but now it’s finally their time, after waiting a few more months for some light processing. I do let them mush around, poor things, but I never neglect old photos. Promise.

The Wood (8134)

You won’t see any photos of the Castle itself as we decided to go for a long walk around the beautiful Kent surroundings. It wasn’t a particularly warm day but I remember we enjoyed the walk tremendously. Woods in general give me the creeps. They just freak me out for some reason, perhaps it’s because of the sense of being enclosed in something. I do suffer from sporadic bouts of claustrophobia. Still I was very happy here. The walk offered a mixture of everything, and the views were truly magical.

Victoria Plums (0398)

The highlight for me was a little table we found beside the path next to a cottage, with fresh Victoria plums for sale for a pound. So charming, and what a lovely snack to take for the walk. Seriously, it was the best thing ever. J only felt like having one of two, although I suspect he wanted me to enjoy the bag of fruit myself as I kept going on and on and on about how wonderful the whole buying-stuff-from-a-table-with-no one-around-and-putting-the money-into-a-tin-box was! Typical me. I find these things very captivating – don’t ask me why. And these are the things I am missing right now.

Lone Mushroom (8135)

Saying Hello (8127)

I don’t like to take loads of time for photos, but I remember myself stopping hoping to take a few of these big guys, or rather gals. No success. They were super friendly, and don’t you love the fact that they are exactly like those you see on dairy cartons?  The cow in the middle came over to say hello by the fence or course (thank goodness for that) and obviously, almost instantly I merely forgot one little detail; the one where I had my camera with me. The cuteness of the animal overtook the machine. Me, myself and my absent-mindedness. No words…really…no words.

Sweet Things by the Path (8119)

Sweet Things by the Path (8146)

Apparently I’m not the only one who forgets things. While stopping for a well-deserved lunch (recipe will be on a future post) I noticed a walking stick leaning on a wooden fence, almost totally hidden in the berry bushes. There was no one around at the time, so I assumed a walker left it behind a mere hours before we passed by. There were no cobwebs or insects neither on the stick itself, nor anywhere around it. After lunch I took a couple of shots, not aiming towards any sort of perfection mind you. I found the situation amusing, and once in a while I still wonder whether someone actually went back for it.Picnic Pasta (8117)

Lost around Hever (8124)

Lost around Hever (8121)

We saw this towards the end of our walk. I wasn’t going to post this but here it is, just for kicks. The cleanliness of the place explained on one simple notice! I’m not surprised. Could this be a solution on this little island?!

No Flytipping (8149)

Hope you liked these few photos as much as I loved taking them.



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