London, until we meet again

London Eye (9443)

I’m flying back to Malta this afternoon. You might be reading this while I am on my way to the airport. One thing’s for sure: I will be sad to leave. J and I lived in Surrey for these past seven years, but London was, is and always will be one of my favourite places to visit. J doesn’t totally get it I think; London is expensive, dirty, and brimming with people. I love the brimming-with-people part. Surrey is beautiful and J thrived there, especially while taking walks in the countryside. One one hand I loved it too, while on the other hand many times it just got too quiet. Thank goodness for Guildford town centre. Now that’s lovely, and it’s another place I will greatly miss.

Parliament Square (9466)

The shots you see here were taken on a beautiful sunny day in the capital. We were with one of J’s friends and his wife, who were great company. I love meeting new people. We had a great day with them. We had lunch at Borough Market and then walked along the South Bank. After that we met up with bro-in-law a.k. in C&T circles as J2.

Bridge on Bridge (9437)

I still have a few sets of photos from other places outside London; in the meantime I’m leaving you with these memories. London, I will miss you. Until we see each other again….

Hope to meet up with my lovely readers in Malta. As a friend who wanted to offer me some words of encouragement told me recently, I’ll be in the land of sundried tomatoes and lemons.


*A little reminder: I will be posting on here until the end of July, with a month-long hiatus during August.*

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3 thoughts on “London, until we meet again”

    1. It is so weird to be in Malta. And soooo hot!! I am still in a daze although it was nice to see my family at the airport. Thankfully it’s easier to keep in touch. Miss you my friend.

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