Beautiful Rye (East Sussex)

Mummy (9655)

This is a photo of my beautiful Mum. I call her my lovely Mummy. Or simply Ma. On one of her few visits here J drove us down to Rye and on to Rye Harbour, a charming little town in East Sussex. The weather was on our side, and we took a short two-mile walk along part of the coast and around some of the nature reserve. The first order of business though when we arrived was a fish and chip lunch – it was just what we needed. J has a photo of it somewhere, which he promised to give me, if and when he remembers. Apparently we both forgot about it.

Harbour (9647)

I wasn’t really in the mood for photos, to be totally honest, and this was even clearer when I uploaded the ones I took to be edited. The ones I have of the red-roofed hut are a disaster. The only decent ones are in this post. A real shame because the place was just stunning. The boat in the harbour was going too fast to be able to apply the Rule of Thirds, but J thinks it’s a good photo anyway. I tried to crop it but somehow the best way was to keep everything as is.

On the other hand, I did have to crop Mum’s one. She will be amused by her photo, if she gets to see it that is. She doesn’t use the computer at all. I’ll make sure to show it to her when I get back to Malta. After all it’s the only one I have of her. Like me, she hates having her picture taken. Good thing she didn’t notice me pointing my camera at her. Bless!



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