Hughenden Manor #2

Three Little Cuties (9378)

Catching Up (9391)

The next blog post *will* be a recipe, I promise, but in the meantime I just wanted to add some more photos taken on the grounds at Hughenden Manor. The two photos you see above are my very favourites. I mean, how can you not love these three little ones? I was so enchanted; all I could do was stare and coo at them. Awww. I totally forgot I had a camera with me. When I realised I could take them home with me, as in within an image, I started to click away like a mad woman! That being said, I wasn’t using the right lens for the job, so the first handful turned out to be rubbish. J then gave me my zoom lens, and told me to run to the bend at the stream and wait for them to come closer. It worked. The little babies weren’t having none of it though and started paddling like rockets, barely giving me any good angles. Case in point: size doesn’t always equate to speed! Don’t you just love them?

Under the Watchful Eye (9382)

Following Mummy (9398)

The one with the statue was just a shot I tried to recreate from J’s portfolio. I love how the paleness contrasts with the dark green leaves in the background. In itself there’s nothing special about it. For me though it evokes lots of good memories.

Statue (9350)

You will find this canopy almost at the start of the gardens if I remember well. It leads to an enclosure, like a kind of den. I do have another photo that could give you a good idea of the place with J in it, but it didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, so I had to do away with it. I felt like a child in that place though. There was quite a bit of exploring to do and I love anything to do with canopies and/or arches in green places. It’s magical. Really.

Under the Canopy (9328)


**From the next post onwards you will on occasion see links at the end of each post which will remind you, and me, what recipes I tried a year or two, or even three, ago. It’s just a little experiment.


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