Image: San Marino in Brixton

Espresso at San Marino in Brixton (9414)

Anything Eurovision related is bound to be news. Imagine the fits of laughter when I read in my Twitter feed that apparently people confused San Marino, as in the Republic of San Marino, with the coffee place in Brixton. Don’t ask me how or why that came about, or who said that. I have no idea how anyone would think that in the first place. I mean San Marino, the coffee place is great, but representation at the song contest…I mean…speak about being far-fetched. Anyone feeling confused? Me?

Anyways, there’s no confusion here because this is a photo from San Marino on Brixton Station Road. You will get great coffee and if you’re lucky you will have a nice chat with the people working there. We were introduced to the place by my bro-in-law J2 and now I’m hooked. I just love the place. Plus it’s not a chain.

Enjoy the pic and go if you’re in the area! And please don’t pay attention to that one person out of a fifty who says it’s rubbish. He/she might be having a bad day.


**This is not a sponsored post.**


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