Images: Borough Market

Pulled Pork at Borough Market (9420)

I feel lucky this week. I got to go to London twice – for one day, then for a whole weekend. I relish my quiet days and sometimes I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that contributes more to those times when only the hustle and bustle of London will do. And so it was for the past few days.

Borough Market (9417)

If you want a place full of life and food, Borough Market is the place to be. ‘The’ with a capital T. I love markets in general, where you’re free to roam around, have your main meal, dessert, coffee and ice-cream from four different stalls, with some walking in between. Some good exercise is thrown in there too. Who said eating isn’t healthy?

Lunch at Roast in Borough Market (9416)

Before going somewhere I make it a point to do a little find-out about the best places to go. Two things take priority usually, good food at a reasonable price. I didn’t have much time for any planning this time, so I decided to wing it. Frankly I knew I wasn’t going to get into trouble because really, you almost cannot go wrong here. One thing helps though. Long queues. If people are willing to queue at one particular place, then it has to be good. We found one such queue at Roast. And who wouldn’t want one of these?

Pulled Pork Sandwiches (9422)

We had some gorgeous pork sandwiches at the stall downstairs which we ate on a bench, in the sunshine beside Southwark Cathedral. (Links included just in case you want to visit.) As it happens, we were too hungry to take any more photos.

I do have some other interesting shots to share but they need some sorting out. I will do my very best and include them here as I go along.



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