Sissinghurst Castle and Garden #2

Almost Forgotten (9175)

As promised, here are some other photos of the garden at Sissinghurst. I’m no good at taking these kind of pics; food is more my thing, but my husband J has some stunning photos, not only of National Trust properties, but of landscapes in general. So please, don’t think I’m doing any justice to such beautiful surroundings. I’m still learning and I know I’ve got a long way to go. I hope you still enjoy them as much as I loved taking them.

Purity (9159)

The little white flowers in the worn terracotta vase was one of the first pictures I took. The garden at Sissinghurst is sort of divided into sections. I think they are actually called ‘rooms’, but I’m not sure. I was not the only one mesmerised by the shape and colours. A very sweet couple walking the same route as us also loved them.

Pretty in Pink (9162)

As you may notice I don’t give my flower shots the actual flower name. I am obviously no botanist. What I am is one forgetful person. So what I usually do is come up with names according to what I remember about that particular bunch. The first photo is of a relatively tiny bunch, almost unnoticeable, hunched in a corner. Thus the name. There was a plant on each side of a hedge. I almost passed them by without giving them the slightest glance. J pointed them out to me and I think he also took a picture. I’m happy I did – they are very pretty. With regards to the second photo – well, what can I say? There’s *nothing* original in that!

Gazebo (9192)

The area in between the tower and the white gazebo, next to the pond, was totally closed when we visited. We heard someone say that it usually is open. I really wished it was – I could soak up the sunshine on one of the benches and rest until J was ready experimenting with long exposure shots, which are currently his thing. I had what I needed and I have to say, I really like how I framed the white gazebo in between the trees. I could have taken a better photo though if I had the patience to wait just a few minutes. The light from the Sun made the white walls shine, but I totally missed my chance.

Hiding in the Hedge (9171)

I feel so stuck when the sky is grey. I shouldn’t say this but I only took a picture of this stone because somehow it reminded me of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. With the difference that these hedges don’t form part of a maze at all.

The Lady (9154)

A few moments before taking this photo, there was a robin perched on the head of this statue. I had my fixed lens attached to my camera and even though J had our zoom lens with him, I didn’t bother to change it. Big mistake but I figured that by the time I change lens and adjust any setting I would miss the moment anyway. You see, I think that sometimes we get engrossed into the technicalities of photography (it could be anything really) and miss out on the fun and the joy. Well, at least that’s my excuse. I do believe this though.

With the little culprit all but gone (it was still fluttering around in the tree) I decided to adequately frame the statue and bring in most of the branches and also as much of the ground as I could. I loved that section of the garden – there were so much details and colours to soak in. Such a peaceful place, even with so many people around.

Time (9203)

I wasn’t able to photograph the buildings quite well, but I quite like this one – could be because I used J’s wide angle lens for this one. It took me quite a few minutes to get the focus right! J and I walked out of the actual grounds towards a large pond. On our way there we almost walked past a large sundial on the ground. I just saw some Roman numbers at first, by which point I was too tired to even register what it was. The shadow from a tree trunk indicated the approximate time. We sat on a nearby bench for a snack and some cold water, and I almost dozed off.

 We took a walk around the vegetable garden next; understandably so there wasn’t much to see. It’s too early for many things to grow; it’s a good excuse to go back.



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