Good Morning! Images from the Archive.

I hope you are all doing well. Thankfully I feel awake this morning, and I guess it’s all due to one important thing: a good night’s sleep. I haven’t slept so well in ages due to some back problems, which have eased slightly during the last 24 hours. Sleeping a full 8 hours can only be a fleeting thought for me; it basically never happens, but last night I found myself nodding off at 9! It seemed so easy – I just closed my eyes and I think I was asleep in no time at all. As I said, this doesn’t happen often but when it does I relish it. Perhaps that’s why I appreciate it so much. I woke up at 6, which makes it…what?…9 hours? Absolutely fantastic! *Dancing to Pharrell Williams’ Happy* Nice.

And now I need this…

Espresso Doppio (8794)


Cappuccino (8798)

…and this, of course!

Doughnut (6740)

Even though I am happy to buy a hot drink from chains, I find it more pleasing when I stumble upon an independent coffee shop. This is what happened on two recent trips to London – a place where you can find anything. The coffees in the pictures were the result of two happy but separate coincidences. The first one was after an enjoyable meal at an Italian place near Leicester Square; the second was from a shop around Oxford Circus – one of the few places who actually give you a glass of tap water with your coffee. It’s such a simple thing but everyone should do this.

Unfortunately and I’m so ashamed, I don’t even know where the last photo was from (I wouldn’t even dare to guess) but I would devour one right this very minute! I am now off to make myself some porridge. I am being good.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Rob x

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