Images: Pastry and/or Cookie Cutters

Decorative Cutters (8708)

I took quite a number of photos over the Christmas period, not necessarily for use over here, but I cannot push them aside without publishing some of them. I’m a very private shy person, (I certainly don’t give that impression sometimes) so even though taking photos is one of my favourite thing to do, I prefer to do it when I’m alone. It’s like when I play piano. I don’t like when people are listening to me. I Just feel so uncomfortable. One exception is singing. I love to sing with others – it’s something that makes me very happy. Digressing as usual…

Decorative Cutters (8706)

I really like how these pics turned out. The cookie/pastry cutters were given to J as a gift when he was still studying in Michigan more than twelve years ago I think. And time said swoooossshhhh! He really likes them but he still shares them with me. Isn’t he cute!

Mince Pie Pastry (8705)

When we used them to make mince pies over the holidays the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the blue looked on the lid. There was a picture right there. I also love their distressed look, and every time they come out of their box we have to go on a sentimental journey. We can’t help it.

As we reminisce about the past it’s good to be hopeful about the future. I *am* hopeful about 2014.

Mince Pie Pastry (8709)


Rob x

(This is *not* a sponsored post.)


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